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A bit about myself and my style

I love photography.  To me, it's more than just taking a picture.  It's about capturing a moment in time, telling a story, immortalising a memory.  For many couples, the wedding is the defining moment of their lives, stories as important and symbolic as these should be captured and told for years to come.  This is hopefully where I come in; I'm not just a wedding photographer, I'm a story teller. 

In my early years I disliked constraining my photography into one particular style, I thought it was counter-intuitive to put a limit on what is by it's very nature a creative art. So instead I set out to explore as many areas of photography as I could to allow my skill and passion to develop naturally. Fast forward a few years (and a gargantuan amount of photos) and I have come to align myself with the more naturalistic, reportage style of photography.

I've come to love documenting weddings as they unfold. I want to capture the candid moments of your special day so when you look back in years to come, happy memories come flooding in, instead of an album of falsified smiles and unnatural poses.

It's all about the light! I strongly believe that if you want natural photos, you need natural light. I shoot exclusively with two full-frame cameras and a wide array of lenses that are built to capture the most amount of light possible. This allows me to avoid using artificial light in all but the darkest of situations. Once we move into the night, I then have an unobtrusive set of wireless flash units that get placed out of the way but can still provide some candid light to the environment as to not compromise my photography.

Whilst I do prioritise the happy couple on the day (it is their day after all) I also love walking around and mingling with the friends & family to capture their reactions and emotions on the day. Listening for laughter is often the best kept secret for this part, that's where true happiness is!

Ofcourse, in this day and age the work doesn't stop for me once the day is done. Each and every photograph is carefully and professionally edited in order to bring out the very best in each image. This step is crucial in modern photography, but it doesn't mean to say that your photographs will be in anyway unrealistic. The editing I do in my documentary wedding photography only serves to enchance the natural beauty in the images I capture, it doesn't falsify it. My story of your Cornish Wedding, will be told through a variety of bright and dynamic photos that you be able to look back on for many years to come.

So, that's a bit about how I do what I do, and why I love what I do! If you'd like to see more of my wedding photography work, check out my ongoing portfolio page. If you want to check out some of my other photography outtings (landscapes, pets etc.) give my various social media profiles a look; they're the little icons at the bottom of the screen.

Finally, if you like what you have read and seen, please drop me a message via the link below. I love meeting new couples and I'll happily take you both out for a coffee (and cake obviously) to discuss the nitty grittys. 

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